Outdated content loses customers.
We solve the problem.

  • Out-of-date information suggests you aren't in business.


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  • Broken email addresses stop customers getting in touch.

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  • Links to nowhere lead customers to other businesses.

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  • Incorrect opening hours mislead customers.

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There's a lot to look after when your business has an online presence. WebWatcher will monitor your content to make sure it stays fresh and relevant, allowing you to focus on your business.

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What We Monitor:

We check the date of your latest blog item, opening hours information, site copyright and other key business resources (e.g. an online menu for a restaurant) to ensure they are relevant.

We check the email addresses on your website are able to receive mail.

We check the renewal dates for your website domain name.

We check your social media pages on Facebook and Twitter to ensure posts are made at an optimal interval.

We provide seasonal reminders to ensure you're not losing out to competitors during popular offer periods.

We notify you via email, meaning no additional login credentials to remember that might otherwise result in missed notifications.